Home window to see every landscape you want

I bet that most of you don’t have a gorgeous landscape that you see from your window. But with Winscape you can fix that. You basically need just 2 HD displays and Winscape software. Oh…I forgot…you can control what you see with your iPhone! What landscape would you like to see from your window?

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Alarm clock pillow

Everything around us is changing so quickly because of technology but alarms clock seems to remain almost the same. Think again!  Designed by Seung Jun Jeon, Alarm pillow, gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz.

If you don’t get up, your head Lose Weight Exercise acts as a trigger for the snooze button and it won’t disturb the other persons in the room. Just pull out the label that is visible at one side of the pillow to set your wake up hour.

How cool is that? Anyway, it is just a concept so we need to wait a little until it hits the market.


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25 ways how to decorate your home with children

If you think that you can’t do more creative stuff to your interior home design think again. Use your own children as decor!

When your children are asleep just imagine how will they fit in an imaginary scene. Then grab some things from your house and design your home, your children being the masterpiece of your project.


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Small and compact house for your garden

If you need an independent space from day to day house activities, a little space for reading, playing, listening to music, etc the project that I am going to present next is perfect.

Designed by architect Alberto Gonzalez, the small shelter is easy to make, cheap and will make you as well as your children stay more in the garden.

Also this kind of shelters could be used as kiosks/shops on a beach. Imagine this full with cold beer or ice-cream!


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What about riding your bike in the sky?

In most cities there are not enough special lanes for bikes so everytime there is a problem riding your bike. You can get hot by cars, or simply you cannot enjoy your ride due to traffic or too many people on the road .

Kolelinia is an innovative lane concept for riding bikes on a new type of bicycle-lanes, based on steel wires. This concept let you ride your bicycle above traffic on a mini-highway designed in the sky.


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