How people from 50s and 60s thought their homes and lives will look like in 1975

Since forever people have been thinking  about the miracles of the future and what great discoveries and technological wonders the future will reveal.

Check out the below images to see how people from 50s and 60s thought their future will look like in 1975. Some ideas are true in our society but some are still at considerable distance away.

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The kitchen of the future

At 2014 International CES Whirlpool presented an interactive kitchen concept that turns a typical kitchen surface into a stovetop ( the surface can also be activated with the touch of a finger or via voice activation), checks the weather, finds recipes on Pinterest, research information about cooking and post pictures to Facebook.

The concept is called “kitchen of 2020″  and could integrate hands-free devices and touchscreens into the kitchen itself.

“The Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop concept is inspired by the desire and potential for integrating all at-home technologies into one kitchen appliance in a way that makes cooking, multitasking and entertaining easier and more enjoyable,” Chris Quatrochi, director of Global Creative Design at Whirlpool, told Mashable. “It also cuts down on time spent planning and preparing meals, so families have more time to enjoy cooking or eating with each other.”

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Uvogel – A weird but interesting tiny house in Austria

Constructed initially as a holiday house, Uvogel ( the name is a combination of  UFO and Vogel – bird in German) features a minimalistic design with panoramic windows which let in an amazing amount of natural light. The exposed interior wood give the viewer a sense of warmth. It was designed by Peter Jungmann  and has only45 square meters.

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Art with electronics cables

Everytime we buy a new electronic gadget for our home we spend a lot of time trying to hide cables and cords away. But if there is no way to make them invisible what should you do? But what are you supposed to do when there’s just no way to avoid having them visible? We can try to display them on the walls as ART.

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Draw on the outside walls of your home with MOSS

Growing moss on your home exterior walls can be a fun task . The concept is called “moss graffiti” and if you write motivational quotes maybe you will feel inspired everyday you go to work.

Pieces of moss, 2 cups of buttermilk or yogurt ( not flavored ), 2 cups of water, 1/2 tsp. sugar, Corn syrup (optional)

Gather some moss, wash it to remove the soil, break it in small pieces and put it in a blender.  Mix with the other ingredients in the blender. Then paint with the moss on your walls whatever you think looks good.

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