Do we really need Swarovski Crystal light switches?

Although this design it is the winner of the “Design Plus Award 2008″ I can ask myself the question if we really need this kind of objects just to show off? It looks good but in my opinion is just a waste of money…

It can be used not only as a switch to turn on and off the light, but to manipulate other household items too. It will add a touch of glamour to your home. This switch is produced and customised by Berker.


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Plant a tree…

If you are looking for an interesting decoration idea for one of your home walls you should try this Tree Vinyl Wall Decal, designed by WilsonGraphics. The tree with the dimensions of approximately 70″ tall by approximately 70″ wide could change the whole atmosphere of any room. You can see on the pictures how good it looks.

Easy to apply but it costs $80. Not very cheap and not very expensive, but if you like to “plant” a tree in your bedroom, give it a try.


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Bricks Sofa

Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods are the brains behind these weird sofas and chairs. Called “Bricks & Mortar” for reasons you can obviously understand, the designs may not be perfect for your modern environmentbut for sure in a garage or in a construction company they will be perfect.

‘The scale and layout of the bricks dictated the scale of the seat and sofa so the mortar lines correspond with the geometry of the object,’ says Sebastian Wrong.


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Deadly Closet

The deadly closet is not from a killer’s home, it is inspired from the classic magic trick of sticking knives in a box where is a woman. The closet features wooden “swords” that can be slide in the unit as supports or racks for clothes.

Too bad that it is not very good looking to put in a modern home. Anyway it is only a concept for now but for sure if it will go to sale, kids will love it for their bedroom.


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Just say C H A I R

The Chair/Chair as it is called by its designer Eric Ku looks like a relatively normal white chair, with a little weird form. What it is interesting about it is that it can be deconstructed to form another type of chair: formed by the letters C-H-A-I-R.

It is interesting but of course not at all practical. There is no point to deconstruct your chair, right?


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