DIY Project: Dog house with a roof top deck for hanging out

Dog houses are simple projects and can be usually be completed by someone with just basic building skills in a couple of days.

These free dog house with a roof top deck plans will make sure that your dog has a nice home and it could be the beginning for you in the do it yourself projects.

After the project ends what you need to do is to teach your dog to use the upper sun deck and climb the stairs.

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Clever concepts to grow fresh vegetables in an apartment

Growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden is a common and pleasant hobby but the shortage of  enough  garden space or no garden  at all is the biggest issue among people who live in a big city.

There are a few concepts that will make easier growing fresh fruits and vegetables at home in a very limited space. Unfortunally they are just ideas at the moment but I hope they will be available soon because a lot of people love growing their vegetables and fruits organically without pesticides and herbicides.

And we can reduce the water and air pollution, too!

Kitchen Nano Garden

An excellent way to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers right in your kitchen. Nano Garden has LED lighting that encourages plant growth, without the need of sunlight. The water used while cooking or washing the dishes is recycled to provide nutrients.

Designers : Lee Hyun-Jung, Park Jae-Yong, Shon Chang-Jin, and Park Seul-Ki

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Mind Blowing Illusion Hotel In Marseille, France

The hotel Au Vieux Panier from Marseille, France, has rooms that bend the minds of their guests. Each room features the designs and artwork of an artist, graphic designer or painter from around the globe, bringing their unique style to the hotel.

The one we want to highlight is the most shocking of all, designed by a graffiti artist named Tilt. It’s called “Panic Room.”  With the help of two friends, the artist gave the room a high fashion look by covering everything on one side of the space with spray paint, while leaving the other side completely un-touched and stark white.

Imagine waking up in this room after a crazy party. You will think that your brain is still playing with you…

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Sketch furniture

Pretty cool to display in a modern house but looks unconfortable.

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Idea for bike storage inside apartments

Owning multiple bikes or just one should not be a problem if you are living in a small apartment. Bikes can be used almost as decorating pieces in your flat.  Hang the bike on the wall after you clean it. It will give a little more personality to your living space.

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