26 ideas to decorate a small balcony

With the price of rent increasing, cozy and small apartments are popular in big cities. A tiny balcony can be frustrating but you can still arrange it for a perfect reading session or just to rest in the evening or drink the morning coffee before you go to work.

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Unusual Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is a period of joy and happiness when we receive presents from Santa and stay with our beloved ones but millions of trees are cut just to be displayed for a couple of days.

With the environmental protection awerness in mind I decided to show you a few alternatives to the classical Christmas tree. Could be a nice do-it-yourself project with the family in a weekend a money saver too.

So…Christmas trees can be made from


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Lake house rules

Some simple lake house rules that will offer guidance on how to have the perfect getaway.


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Entryway with wedding photos and old bench

We sometimes underestimate the importance of the entryway decoration when we design our home interior. I can say you that this is a common mistake… and a vibrant or cozy hallway will create a good atmosphere when you enter the house.

I fancy the below idea to display various family members wedding photos from the past and present .The image is completed with a vitange bench!

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Pullout balcony idea

With the price of property continuing to rise a large apartment with a nice balcony seems to be quite expensive and not so many can afford the luxury

Dutch architectural firm Hofman Dujardin has designed the Bloomframe, an innovative window that transforms into a balcony with the click of a button.

The pullout balcony idea is flexible and it can be installed in various types of buildings in order to save space. I imagine these in offices where most of us work.

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