Serpent Coffee Table

If you are looking for something unique and chic for your living room check out this Serpent coffee table made of Bubinga wood, glass, and plexi support base.

It has a fluid shape and measures 72W x 24D x 17H inches.


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Weird chairs: Meat and Sheep Chair

This are for sure the weirdest chairs I have ever seen. I don’t know who will put this chair in their living room because it will freak out the guests…

The Meat Chair

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Furniture with built-in fireplace

The new fire furniture from Planika Fires features fire coffee tables and wall-mounted fireplaces to warm-up your room and aesthetics.

The lighting of Planika Fire is extremely easy and safe because it uses FANOLA fuel which doesn’t make fumes or smell. Only water vapour and CO2 are emitted and the proportions are similar to those contained in the air surounding us.

The price is not available yet.

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Original garden light powered by wind

Firewinder is a decorative, 100% wind-powered outdoor light which transforms the power of wind into a magical visual effect.

The ‘self-illuminated’ spiral looks like the natural twist of DNA and uses only the wind blowing power to light itself, creating a great visual experience:


  • Spinning speed and intensity depends on wind speed.
  • Is environmental-friendly
  • It is using 14 bright LEDs

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How will the future condoms look like

Condoms are typically coming in boxes and wrappers that are in most cases ugly and most of times embarrassing for a guy to take out.

XYXX is a concept design of condom cases and having the XYXX condom container in your pocket will be pleasurable in more ways.

The name was inspired from both the female and male chromosome: XYXX.

The carry case for the condom is about 6cm by 3cm by 1cm and it’s designed to be carried in your pocket or in your hand bag.


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