Floating Illusion Table

This is not magic. The table was designed to look as it is floating in the air and it is made from 3mm textured acrylic. Each table is unique in it’s way and handmade in Denmark.

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Feel – imagine the perfect seating system

Constructed from 120 foam soft spheres covered by stretch fabric, Feel Seating System is designed to mold to the positions of the human body.

The system uses plastic connectors, it is build by hand and several days are required for making.



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Origami Shoes

The modern technology of creating shoes becames every day more and more sophisticated and this shoes concept are an example. They are made from flat patterns with reinforced parts which are folded and fixed by owner.

If you look closely at them and imagine a little you can say that they have a geometric form and were built by an architect and not by a shoe designer.

I wonder how will this technology evolve in the future because for sure grabbed my attention.

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Anti-loneliness Couch

With this superb and very soft couch you will never be lonely again because the embroidered buddy will be your friend.

The couch has always been a special space for relaxation and pleasure and why stay alone?

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Crochet Chair by Marcel Wanders

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has launched the Crochet Chair – which is an amazing piece of art constructed from individual, hand-sewn crochet flowers, stitched together over a mould and stiffed with resin.The chair was launched at Smart Deco.

Marcel Wanders grew up in Boxtel, the Netherlands and graduated from the School of the Arts Arnhem in 1988 and is designing for the European design manufacturers like B&B Italia, Bisazza, Moroso, Flos, Cappellini and Moooi.

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