Harry Organiser

Harry is designed to organise your daily things and can be used in an unlimited number of places like walls, doors, mirrors and any other flat surface. The brilliant idea is that you make your own design because it has it is made from flexible and sturdy wires and you can transform these wires into rings, hooks, claws or other shapes.


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Box Sofa – Retro but Modern

The winning design team of Sefer Caglar and Seyhan Ozdemir designed for the Turkish furniture manufacturer Autoban a very impressive collection best summarized as “emotionally expressive, visually inspiring objects with a timeless pleasure-to-live-with quality.”

One of their designs is the Box Sofa which has a retro design combined with a modern one, all put on a wood frame on high delicate legs.


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Flameless USB Lighter

This lighter designed by Nathan Gabriele uses the same technology found in car lighters and instead of lighter fluid it uses resistance coils to create the neccessary heat. The most important characteristic is that it is not using fire, it is flameless.

The battery cell which powers the coil can be recharged from USB.  Just push a button to reveal the USB connector. The cool aspect is that there is some flash memory where you can store your personal files.


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Ripple faucet – a visual pleasure

The Ripple faucet is an idea to make a stronger visual relationship between human and water. On top of the faucet surface sits a metal ball and some electromagnetic sensors detects the ball’s position.

To control the water preasure you need to move the ball in or out from the centre and moving it around control the temperature.

The surface will become red or blue depending on how hot or cold it’s the water.


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Light up my legs

This is not actually a concept but it is an ad compaign for the Dr. Scholl’s wooden-soled and orthopedic sandals . They’re sold in practically every pharmacy and a quite vast assortment of styles are displayed in street drugstore windows.

It looks like a trendy piece of interior design.


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