Minature GreenHouse

Every human has the feeling of paternity and wants to protect something , to grow it, and what is better than a little greenhouse where to cultivate plants?

Gro, the little greenhouse, looks like a tiny cocoon and if you add a few drops of water you can watch them condense against the 1.5 mm thick glass.

A little opening will allow air exchange for the tiny plants.


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Suburban Tipi – The Urban “Igloo”

Inspired by yuris, tipis, and igloos, the designer John Paananen wanted to see if living in such a weird and unique “house” would work in our modern world. The construction temporarily existed at Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for about 7 months.

To build it were used pvc siding, polypropylene sheeting, engineered timber, polycarbonate supports and building materials.

The dimensions are 16 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter.

This is what John said:
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Orchid Leaves Chair

Designer Sebastian Gronemeyer inspired himself from the beautiful forms of orchid leaves to create this awesome chair. The smooth curves are actually ergonomic and the reinforced fiberglass material is pretty strong to sustain heavy Lose Weight Exercise.

Definitely unique and fits well both in modern and traditional homes.


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Honda Cub Moto

For a long time mankind had an obsession to the internal combustion engine with its limitations of form and package layout but in the future hydrogen based motocycles will be something ordinary:

“I’ve based this concept around the Honda Cub, which has been around for decades and is still very popular on the continent with locals and tourists alike. The Cub is very practical but this concept takes it to a new level, with a provocative image and being environmentally responsible, the new Cub should appeal to young city professionals and the young trendy market in general.”


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Dream of a Toilet – A toilet chair

This abstract concept that will make your toilet more confortable. Useless or not we will see if will be mass produced.

Personally I don’t really like the idea because it is not so practical.


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