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Snail House in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Snail House is located in Simeonovo district and the construction lasted for about 10 years, ending in 2009. The idea belongs to a Bulgarian construction specialist who did not want his name disclosed. The house has 5 levels and the internal design combines ancient antique furniture with funny radiators in the shape of a [...]

Ten unique and weird pieces of furniture

Sometimes fashion and designs tend to be a little weird but very interesting to look at or to have them near you. So here there are one of the most weird and unique pieces of furniture. Some of them will scare the friends coming to visit you, some will put an unknown taste on their [...]

Beautiful animal inspired hair hats fashion

Sometimes when you see something amazing, you are being instantly confused but still can’t take the eyes out from it. That is exactly the effect of these weird and beautiful animal-inspired hair hats designed by Japanese art director Nagi Noda. Remember that this girls don’t wear artificial hats, this is their own hair and a [...]