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Framing baby clothes

When babies start to grow, parents will get stuck with a lot of baby clothes that are not used. Yes, they look extremely cute but …what should they do with them? Frame the clothes! Every time you see the frame with the clothes inside…it will bring you nice memories. And you can pass them to [...]

Baby carrying suit

Peekaru hands free baby carrying jacket is a suit that allows you to carry your newly born baby very easiliy . If you are a parent with an active lifestyles and you want to use your hands freely then you must consider buying Peekaru. It is very confortable and looks great. I found it on [...]

FAIL designs – sink and baby suit

Sometimes our society designers don’t do the best job ever and the results are…some weird designs. Here we have some pictures from Failblog ( you can find very funny pictures there ) of a public sink , that is in a shape of a woman body . But one of the worst designs ever is [...]