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How to make a laptop bag from a hoodie

I love DIY ( do it yourself ) tutorials. They always show us how to use ordinary object to create a amazing things! Now we will make together a laptop bag from a hoodie.  In some cases I think this will look trendy but in other cases people will just stare…

Stylish Dog Bag

The Puppoose is a cool gadget for everyone who wants to carry their dogs in a stylish way. Designed by Shannon Beach this bag allows you to easily transport your dog.  It comes with 4 adjustable straps, neck cushion for your comfort, and security strap that will ensure the safety of your pet. If they [...]

Watermelon bags for women

In the last years in our society started to be a big demand for nature inspired things because people suffer from nature deficit, most of us living in big cities, where nature misses. Because we are hungry for freshness, the purpose of this bag is to “satisfy “us. By the way, it is made by [...]

Soccer Ball Bag

Abteil, the german bag maker, has invented the soccer ball bag specifically for female soccer fans. What is amazing is that they are made from real balls used for soccer training. For sure all the guys will like it and will stop you for asking something.