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Clever concepts to grow fresh vegetables in an apartment

Growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden is a common and pleasant hobby but the shortage of  enough  garden space or no garden  at all is the biggest issue among people who live in a big city. There are a few concepts that will make easier growing fresh fruits and vegetables at home in a very [...]

26 ideas to decorate a small balcony

With the price of rent increasing, cozy and small apartments are popular in big cities. A tiny balcony can be frustrating but you can still arrange it for a perfect reading session or just to rest in the evening or drink the morning coffee before you go to work.

Pullout balcony idea

With the price of property continuing to rise a large apartment with a nice balcony seems to be quite expensive and not so many can afford the luxury Dutch architectural firm Hofman Dujardin has designed the Bloomframe, an innovative window that transforms into a balcony with the click of a button. The pullout balcony idea is flexible [...]