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Mobile benches for temporary situations

Designed by Rogier Martens, the Tree Benches are specially made for festivals and other temporary situations with urgent sitting needs. They are constructed from waterproof laminated beechwood and with a suspension system they can be easily attached to the trees. All you need besides the bench is a strong tree.

A bench made from nails…

If someone tells you about a bench or bed made from nails you of course think about torture…but the designer of the bench we are presenting now inverts that association with a smooth, curved and rippled surface for comfortable seating. It was intended as works of art but it can be used as functional furniture [...]

Don’t be FAT…

…because everyone will find out… This is the idea behind the following design. The bench on the bus station will indicate your Lose Weight Exercise. So everyone will know your real Lose Weight Exercise. I am sure that if this design will be in every major city, fat people will go on diet or they [...]