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Unusual storage places for books

If you a lot of books, storing them can be a difficult task especially in a small home. But with a little taste and inventivity you can find new additional storage places that will look not only good but will be practical too. I like the phone booth, but I would store it inside the [...]

Tree of Knowledge – book storage idea

Kids love cool places where they can store books and they will love reading more if they have an interesting place for storage that will catch their attention. A bookcase in the shape of a tree will do that.

Store books in the fireplace during summertime

The summer will come in a couple of months so you will not be using the fireplace for half a year. So…why not use it in a clever way during summertime? Fill it with books! There is no need to fill up the entire fireplace just put the books in the front. You need to [...]

Bricks that look like books for exterior walls

Check out the bricks made to look like books. I think it’s an extraordinary idea that can add something unique to your home. Ann exterior wall made with bricks like these is all I want! Unfortunatelly I think they are hand paninted so not too easy to make.

Mobile library in bus stations

Reading while waiting a bus is something normal that happens all over the world but not all the time people carry with them books or magazines. So what will you read in the bus station? I found today an idea that seems to be from Colombia, Bogota which will introduce mobile libraries in the bus [...]