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Best time in your life

While surfing on the net I encountered today an interesting project: pictures and clocks, stopped on childrens’ times of birth. Blissimagesandbeyond did a good job implementing the idea. 3 kids with 8×10 photos, matted to 11×14 frames and three cheap and good looking clocks.  The clocks were bought from Amazon, are from plastic and don’t [...]

Baby is sleeping door sign

Every parent with a new born baby needs this sign! I am sure everybody had those moments when someone rings the doorbell just when the kid has fallen asleep. By using this sign you can stop those unpleasentcsituations from happening! A good sleep makes your infant’s health strong as well! From Etsy .

8 Tips For Keeping Your Kid’s Room Clean

Guest post by Tom Does your kids’ rooms look like a bomb just went off inside of it? Do you constantly struggle with trying to keep the rooms clean? Here are ten tips to making sure the rooms are always clean and organized – and getting the kids help, too. 1. They Can’t Put It [...]

25 ways how to decorate your home with children

If you think that you can’t do more creative stuff to your interior home design think again. Use your own children as decor! When your children are asleep just imagine how will they fit in an imaginary scene. Then grab some things from your house and design your home, your children being the masterpiece of [...]