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Share this article if you think we should have a greener city!

Most of us have personal cars and use them everyday…but have you ever thought how much space on the streets will we “save” and by how much we will reduce global warming just by using a bus to go to work everyday or the bike in the summer? Share this article among your friends to [...]

What about riding your bike in the sky?

In most cities there are not enough special lanes for bikes so everytime there is a problem riding your bike. You can get hot by cars, or simply you cannot enjoy your ride due to traffic or too many people on the road . Kolelinia is an innovative lane concept for riding bikes on a [...]

20 steps to create a sustainable citiy

In the following video you can listen to the World Changing founder (and TEDster) Alex Steffen, given at the Danish Architecture Centre, where he talks about how can me make sustainable cities with 20 solutions. The speech is excellent and we should definetely follow them to have a healthy planet. Although he speaks for 90 [...]

Urban Suspended Farms For A Greener City

PF1 (Public Farm One) is an urban farm concept built with inexpensive recyclable materials such as cardboard tubes that form a continuous surface to offer space for growing plants in a crowded city. This could be possible one of the greatest ideas of the future regarding growing plants in a city. Because there is no [...]