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Alarm clock pillow

Everything around us is changing so quickly because of technology but alarms clock seems to remain almost the same. Think again!  Designed by Seung Jun Jeon, Alarm pillow, gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. If you don’t get up, your head Lose Weight Exercise acts as a trigger [...]

Very big alarm clock

Sometimes I woke up kind of hard if I stayed late the night before ( for example when I go at a party ) but the guy who invented the alarm clock from the following video definetely is a weird person. Why? Because he made something that shakes the bad you are sleeping in harder [...]

Custom wall clock

The WALL CLOCK RADIUS is a cool wall clock that can be customized as you want. If you are a DIY fan, you will like it because you are free to set the dimensions of the clock. You can place the 12 time dots closer or more distant to the clock hands. But the length [...]

‘Still A Clock By Night’ – Great decor piece

Still A Clock By Night” created by a designer from Singapore , is a clock that works as a normal one during the daytime and doubles as a table lamp during the nighttime. It has two fluorescent tubes that reflects on the back wall and creates the short and long hands of the clock. The [...]