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Log Coffe Table

What can you do with a log? A coffee table! It will look amazing in your living room and it is not hard at all to build it. [ via ]

6 cool engine coffee tables

Most of the people reading this blog have friends or friends of friends who are mechanics and very skilled at repairing cars or othre machines. And if you are a mechanic it is a must to have an old engine that doesn’t work and just sitting useless somewhere. So ask them if they can give/sell [...]

The best geek reading kit

Reading in the dark is bad for people and students usually study at night with very little light . The designer combined a straw with internal light and a glass with coffee to keep you running for reading as much as you want, without falling asleep. The Sip of Light was designed by Sung-Kyu Nam, [...]

Serpent Coffee Table

If you are looking for something unique and chic for your living room check out this Serpent coffee table made of Bubinga wood, glass, and plexi support base. It has a fluid shape and measures 72W x 24D x 17H inches.