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That’s what I call a real family tree!

Pictures with our loved family  shouldn’t stay closed in a photo album! Find a tree branch that is somehow flat and can be put on a wall and hang your familiy pictures there. For a better effect the pictures should be black and white or with sepia filter. Looks great, isnt’ it?

Papachair for father and son

Israeli designer Itay Ohaly came up with an interesting idea: Papa Chair which is a chair for son/daughter and father and “encourages interaction between parent and child”. Of course you can always use the little chair put your tea or coffee. Maybe a bigger version with two little chairs will be more interesting. Too bad [...]

Family Tree Necklace

Family is the most important thing in life and you could show how much you appreciate and love them by wearing a necklace with their pictures? It is made from silver with pink tourmaline stones. I think it is good to keep your memories and your loved ones just near your heart. SHow them you [...]