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Lampfire – Modern urban fire

Everybody loves campfires but in some cases it is forbidden to make one or you don’t want to make a mess with all the wood, ash and smoke. Here is a modern choice composed from 3 independent ‚Äútorches: Lampfire – a fire without flames. If you do not want to use all three as a [...]

Camp fire grill

Any camp fire becomes spectacular by putting the camp fire grill on it. A foodsafe steel plate is lasercut and pressed into a 3D pattern by the innovative technique of rubber pressing. Tjeerd Veenhoven thinks designing is all about experimenting. Every product has an unlimited amount of starting points and will be shaped into a [...]

Furniture with built-in fireplace

The new fire furniture from Planika Fires features fire coffee tables and wall-mounted fireplaces to warm-up your room and aesthetics. The lighting of Planika Fire is extremely easy and safe because it uses FANOLA fuel which doesn’t make fumes or smell. Only water vapour and CO2 are emitted and the proportions are similar to those [...]