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Secret cabin covered by logs with a great panoramic view

If you look closer it is not just a pile of logs for wood, it is a hidden cabin designed by Piet Hein Eek for Dutch performer, Hans Liberg ( the guy in the pictures ) and used a recording studio. The wood covers a plastic and steel frame, and the windows let a lot [...]

A forest inside your house

Nature is in the heart of all of us and most people desire to have some kind of plants in the interior of their house. Some of them are having one or two pets. But a tree is hard to grow inside and kind of inappropriate. But wall decals with nature theme are looking amazing [...]

Urban forest in Beijing

In the near future, some parts of Beijing city center will look like a deep forest rather than a crowded metropolis because an international architecture competition decided on a new environmentally change to the city. After the Olympics, the pavements will look like a forest floor from permeable materials, solar panels will generate electricity and [...]