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Incredible Rotating Skyscraper from Dubai

Dr. David Fisher is the designer of the Dynamic Architecture – a wind-powered rotating skyscraper in Dubai. It has 420 meters high and 80 floors that can rotate independently. 48 wind turbines will be installed between each floor to make electricity for the people who will live there.

The future classrooms will be mobile

Gollifer Langston Architects is an architectural studio for commercial, education, arts, media, residential and public design. The Classrooms of the Future project was born from the idea to create a prototype that will be easily fitted out with advanced ICT ( information and communication technology ) and to be installed rapidly, safely and cheaply. This [...]

Floating Building for water rising refugees

According to the Intergovernmental Group on the Evolution of the Climate the ocean level will rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century . As a solution to this problem architect Vincent Callebaut designed a building that could serve as a luxurious future space for 50,000 inhabitants who will want refuge from rising [...]

The toilet of the future

Ohh…well…this is really an interesting piece of invention. It is the toilet of the future. It has a TV, a TiVo, a DVD player, Xbox, laptop, fridge (what the f***?), a megaphone (to let the whole world hear how happy you are), and iPod dock. I has even some exercise pedals just in case all [...]

How will tennis look like in the future

As a celebration of their 75th anniversary, Lacoste reinvented tennis by thinking how it will look after 75 years, in 2083. Lacoste is very known for its tennis gear and you can see from the pictures that all the gear is Lacoste brand. From what I can see from the video and pictures the tennis [...]