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Geeky bookends

If you are a fan of geeky stuff this recycled circuit bookends are ideal for your apartment. They are hand cut from old circuit boards and each one measures 4 3/4 inches wide by 5 inches tall. If you like to have something like this in your room you can buy it for $60.50 from [...]

Geek windows for your home

The new concept from designer John Nouanesing is called Fenêtres 3.1 and from the picture it is possible that you can’t get what the design really means. Fenêtres 3.1 is a window and not just a simple window. It is a Windows window. Did you get it? I really like the concept but I wonder [...]

The best geek reading kit

Reading in the dark is bad for people and students usually study at night with very little light . The designer combined a straw with internal light and a glass with coffee to keep you running for reading as much as you want, without falling asleep. The Sip of Light was designed by Sung-Kyu Nam, [...]

Keyboard Shopping Bag For Geeks

Joao Sabino is a designer from Portugal and he created a special shopping bag for geeks and not only. It is made from hundreds of keyboard keys. I wonder how many keyboards he destroyed… [via Gadgettastic ]