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Oxygenate your wine with a cool looking glass

There are some people who love wine and a very good looking glass that also claims to be able to oxygenate the wine for sure will catch their attention. It’s costs only $22 and for sure will make your guests say “wow” . You can find it here. [ via ]

Glass Bed by Santambrogio Milano

The Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano designed a new line of furniture using superdurable ultra-clear Diamant Glass by Saint Gobain. This line of furniture is one of the only the latest in a growing line of glass furniture that Santambrogio Milano have produced. Some past pieces include tables, benches, chaise lounges, and entire kitchens and bathrooms [...]

Milk Glass Lamp

Sorry that I didn’t post anything in the last days because I was extremely busy. But now I am ready posting cool designs. Milk Glass LED lamp is designed to look like a glass filled with milk. The lamp lights up when placed upright and turns off when placed upside down. I think it will [...]