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Floating Box – Shop and private house project

Floating Box is an interesting architecture project by Tekuto ( I like them very much because they always deliver innovative ideas ) which includes a little shop and a private house for the owner. Most of the construction is made from steel and the interior will catch your eyes due to the fact that looks [...]

Aluminum and Concrete House by Atelier Tekuto

This intersting looking house built with a special type of aluminium is located in a suburb of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan and as per client’s request the designers created a garage on the first floor and the the living space on the second floor. Except for bedroom, bathroom and closets on the second floor, all [...]

Aquariums made from old phone booths

With the penetration of mobile phones, the old phone booths are pretty much a thing of past now. Instead of letting them go to waste an artist collaborative known as Kingyobu, from Osaka, Japan has come up with a clever idea. The five members of this collective have taken the initiative to seal the phone [...]

Tokyo, Japan after a nuclear disaster…

Have you ever wondered how will Tokyo will look like after a nuclear disaster? The illustrations from TokyoGenso will show you a Tokyo without people and overtaken by nature.

Power saving street lights in Japan

Recently I found on Metacafe, a video about one of the coolest street lights I have ever seen. It is said to be in Japan and it uses wind speed as well as solar power to charge itself and reduce the energy consumption. Probably it has some internal batteries that accumulate energy during the day, [...]