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Lampfire – Modern urban fire

Everybody loves campfires but in some cases it is forbidden to make one or you don’t want to make a mess with all the wood, ash and smoke. Here is a modern choice composed from 3 independent “torches: Lampfire – a fire without flames. If you do not want to use all three as a [...]

Security camera lamp

Inspired by the urban security camera, the Spoticam is designed by Antrepo and looks like the CCTV camera. Due to its adjustable arm, you can mount it on the wall or use it as a desk lamp. Too bad that this lamp is just a concept but it would be really interesting to have a [...]

How to make a paper lamp

I saw that more and more people are intersted on how to make a paper lamp so I searched a little on the Internet and I found 2 videos about that. 1. How to make a paper flower lamp

Little garden lamp

Plants are nice to have in any apartment. If you want to grow a small herb garden inside, most of the people have problems because there is not so much light…and the plants will die. Designers Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia of Studio Shulab came up with the idea of Lightpot concept. What is it? [...]

Bloody Lamp

This is an unique and interesting home accessory that might fit well in your lamps collection. The design is made to look like an overturned bucket spilling blood and appears to have no stand. The lamp looks pretty nice, and I’m sure that a lot of people comming to your house will want to take [...]