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How to make a laptop bag from a hoodie

I love DIY ( do it yourself ) tutorials. They always show us how to use ordinary object to create a amazing things! Now we will make together a laptop bag from a hoodie.  In some cases I think this will look trendy but in other cases people will just stare…

Perfect angle for your laptop

Sometimes when we want to put the laptop on our lap, is too low, to high and just doesn’t have the right angle to work at. Designer Ki-Seung Lee invented the “Airboard” pump action laptop surface which can help you get the perfect angle with just a few pumps . It can help you on [...]

Is this the future of the books?

In our days we are becoming a society that is more virtual than real and everything that is around us means technology. Designer Kyle Bean has created a design to show the world that the technology and the Internet are having an impact “in the way we source information”. Going to libraries and reading books [...]