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Vertical Forest in Milan to be completed in 2014

Although it seems to good to be true, the world’s first vertical forest is real and is located in Milan. Bosco Verticale is Boeri Studio’s answer to the question of how to make cities greener while supporting an ever denser urban population. Most of the 100 different species of trees and shrubs are in place [...]

Glass Bed by Santambrogio Milano

The Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano designed a new line of furniture using superdurable ultra-clear Diamant Glass by Saint Gobain. This line of furniture is one of the only the latest in a growing line of glass furniture that Santambrogio Milano have produced. Some past pieces include tables, benches, chaise lounges, and entire kitchens and bathrooms [...]

Sponge Chair by Marcella Foschi

The designer Marcella Foschi developed this chair made from sponges while participating in the workshop of the Campana brothers in Milan. The chair is not something extraordinary and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people could make something like this or maybe create other decorative objects from sponges.