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Sleep in the middle of nature

The bedroom and the act of sleeping is intim for almost of people. But have you ever imagined how it will be to sleep in the middle of nature and the only barrier between you and the surroundings to be just a thin layer of glass? Will you feel confortable? Will you like it?

Bring the nature in your house

The decoration of a house can be a pleasure or a real nightmare. If you like wacky ideas and you enjoy nature you can use big wallpapers for some walls in your room. It will create the atmosphere of open space inside your house.  Here  are a couple of ideas.

Hof – a house in Iceland

Iceland is a country with amazing nature and although the climate is cold the nature is beautiful all year long. Because the country has very few inhabitants compared to other places the houses usually are quite isolated and peaceful. Hof is one of those houses and it is situated in the Skakafjördur fjord, less than [...]

Nature wall in your home

If you feel that your home doesn’t have enough plants and you want to be more “nature surrounded” , maybe “Planter Wall Tiles” designed by Maruja Fuentes is a great idea. The wall tiles are finished with recycled materials and create an innovative place to grow plants for a fresh air. Different patterns can be [...]

Office in the nature

We all are used working in big buildings full with little desks with people, in the middle of the city. A lot of pollution, many times a lot of noise, and not a very good view from your window, if you have one! What do you think about moving your office right in the heart [...]