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Minimalistic house with courtyard swimming pool in Singapore

The restoration project  in the below pictures features a perfect approach to minimalistic design by Ong & Ong architecture and interior design company. The courtyard swimming pool and the aluminium walls which reflect sun creates an extraordinary atmosphere and inside…the white walls makes a relaxed environment. A balance between nature and contemporany living.

Garden House

Located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore, the Meera House created by Guz Architects tries to make better the interaction between gardens and your house. “The plots are not large and neighboring buildings are built close to the sides of each house. Rolling green rooftop gardens grow burgeoning grasses that expand the property’s lawns [...]

Future Singapore gardens

This wild and fantastic design came up by the studios Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter which designed it for an international competition for the Singapore government. It coveres 101 hectares of land and encompassing a park, the waterscape and a marina. Officially is going to be opened in 2011. I am sure that will be [...]

‘Still A Clock By Night’ – Great decor piece

Still A Clock By Night” created by a designer from Singapore , is a clock that works as a normal one during the daytime and doubles as a table lamp during the nighttime. It has two fluorescent tubes that reflects on the back wall and creates the short and long hands of the clock. The [...]