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Coffee table made from tree stump

I saw a lot of homes where people used  tree stumps as part their decor. They always looks so interesting. You can create your own coffee table made from a tree stump very easily in a few simple steps. 1. Locate the stumps. You may be able to find some on the side of the [...]

Transforming table for yachts

This amazing piece of furniture is called “The Fletcher Capstan Table ” and has the possibility doubling its seating capacity whilst remaining truly circular in the process. In a moment the appearance can be changed to an entirely different one. The operation can be manual or electronic. It is especially desgined for yachts but it [...]

Multifunctional stool

Sit on a stool and under your butt put your books…Hmmmz. This is the idea behind the ‘multifunctional stool’ designed by Can Onart, Elissa Myres & Bethany Casperite. The deep U-s shapes hold big books comfortably! It was made by bending and molding the 8 layers of industrial gray felt ,stuck with epoxy resin, and [...]