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Make the urban jungle a little bit greener

Our cities are becoming every day more and more filled with concrete and less and less greener. But Korean designer Ji-Hye Koo has come up with an idea to cover the painted lines on the streets with Nature On A Tape concept. And the grass will grow on the tape making the city more beautiful. [...]

Idea on how to park your car in your garden

If you don’t have enough space to park your car but you still don’t want to sacrifice your lovely garden you can combine them both with a secret underground parking. It is a very good idea to save space in urban areas. This interesting design was made by a West London resident and the final [...]

Urban forest in Beijing

In the near future, some parts of Beijing city center will look like a deep forest rather than a crowded metropolis because an international architecture competition decided on a new environmentally change to the city. After the Olympics, the pavements will look like a forest floor from permeable materials, solar panels will generate electricity and [...]