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A better socket: with USB!

We all have USB chargers and for sure you thought if it possible to charge your iPhone with the USB charger without having your computer. Check out the new 2 USB ports wall sockets. Check out more details here.

Cool USB Tie

I am sure that it happened to you to be at the office and need a USB stick to transfer some data. Now you can always carry a USB flash with you embedded in your tie! The tie it is made by dialog05 . It is a nice idea but it wouldn’t look very nice [...]

Swine Flu protection gadget at your office

Most people in the red zones of swine flu decided to wear protection masks. But if you want fresher air you must use an USB powered mask. The mask is made from silicon and is very comfortable it has fans on either side which draw in fresh air and purify it for breathing. However the [...]