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How to hold a beer on a winter day

Enjoying a beer now in the winter outside would probably freeze your fingers and enjoyment of that beer would be completely lost. The inventor of the Sküüzi came with an idea that will redefine the word geek. What is Sküüzi ? It is actually a knitted glove whose only purpose is to enable us to [...]

Decorate your home with Solar Christmas Lights

The idea behind this solar Christmas lights is that to save some money and use the lights without running extension cords all over the place. You can find numerous styles available almost as much variety as with normal ones. The lights are long-lasting LEDs with rechargeable battery lights and photo sensors turn the lights on. [...]

Pillows for the flu

Flu is very annoying with all the fever and the red nose and can make you frustrated especially when you go sleeping and you can’t because you need a lot of napkins for your nose. This pillow is interesting but I think is a little weird to have some kind of napkins inside your pillow. [...]