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Japanese traditional inspired house on Malibu coast

Finding a good property near the ocean and building a 4500 square foot house on a 30 by 60 square foot property is not an easy task especially when you want also a back patio, a garden and plants around the home. Influenced by japanese traditional elements , it is a project by Rockefeller Partners [...]

Metal and wood modern art furniture

Israel-based designer Hilla Shamia has created a modern line of wood and aluminum pieces that strikes a balance between the beauty of raw nature and the sleek, refined edge of metal. The cast aluminum bleeds into the gaping cracks of the knotty, weathered wood in a very natural and beautiful way highlighting the contrast between [...]

Washed and worn wood bathroom

A bathroom with nautical inspiration made from washed and worn blue-green wood. When you look at it you can imagine that you are already inside a ship. The contrast between the roughness of the wall and modern look of the bathtub and basin looks lovely, indeed. I wonder if the wood is new or reclaimed…

Home decor made from old recycled wood

What’s not to love about the rustic look and feel of a piece of old weathered wood? I prepared a collection of art and home decor fashioned from salvaged, reclaimed wood and I think you’ll agree that sometimes things become more beautiful with age!